Board of Directors

Board members meet several times a year to put teams together and address current issues.

All members are volunteers and help make this league possible. If you would like to become a board member, please contact our President (name and email address below) with your name, phone number, and an indication of which position(s) you would like to fill.

Position Name Contact Information
President Nancy Nuckolls nmnuckolls at
Treasurer Sheri Simmons sheri_05 at
Fields Christy Peetz TBD
Schedules & City Liaison Onyeka Enwerem onyekaenwerem at
Uniforms & Equipment Heather Downs druidsquirrel at
Publicity Nidhi Rathish nidhi.rathish at
League Team Coordinator Tomoko Nakanishi supertomokita at
Registrar Kerry Wang kerryswang at
Webmaster Kelsey Chambers TBD