The Menlo-Atherton Adult Soccer League (MAASL) was started in 1980 to provide women 23 years and older with a chance to play amateur, recreational soccer. We are a non-profit league based in Menlo Park, California.

We play two seasons per year: mid March through mid-May, and September through mid-November. Game days are Saturday and Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday evenings depending on field assignments set by the City of Menlo Park. All games are officiated by paid referees.

Players of ALL abilities are welcome. The emphasis of our league is on getting fit and having fun. Membership must be renewed each spring and fall by submitting an application, a check for league fees, and a signed copy of the Conditions of League Play to the registar. Please note that we do not hold regularly scheduled practices, but teams are encouraged to organize practices on their own if there is enough interest among team members.


The league recognizes that members are involved in careers, families, and other activities that will sometimes take precedence over soccer games. Excessive absenteeism, however, is demoralizing and is not fair to other team members. It is your responsibility to contact your team coordinator each time you will miss a game. We urge you to call your team coordinator at least 48 hours prior to the game, so that a replacement player can be located.

Conditioning & Injuries

Soccer is a strenuous game. Studies show that while it is impossible to eliminate injuries entirely, they can be minimized by proper physical conditioning and tight officiating to eliminate dangerous and/or rough play.

Physical conditioning is your responsibility. The league encourages you to consult your physician if you have any doubts about your capacity to handle the stresses of competitive soccer. Don't wait until the season starts to begin getting in shape for soccer. According to most physicians, you are most apt to be injured in a sport when you play all-out on the weekend after getting little or no exercise during the week.